Solutions for Sagging Seat and Back Cushions

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We understand that seat and back cushions may sag or dip over time with regular use. Rest assured, this is normal as our cushions are designed to adapt to a lived-in look.

Our innovative Ultradown cushion fill, a premium blend of feathers and fibres, is made to strike the perfect balance between softness and bounce-back. This blend ensures that your cushions remain comfortable and retain their shape over time.

Tips for Even Wear and Fluff Maintenance

As cushions adjust and settle into their shape over time, we recommend rotating them to promote even use and to extend their lifespan. This can help iron out any minor inconsistencies in shape. Our back cushions may contort under pressure, especially those filled with feathers, but you can easily restore their original shape by fluffing them up regularly. 

King Living has incorporated a variety of design features into its furniture to make cushion maintenance as easy as possible. Here are the key features:

  1. Symmetric Design

Our cushions are symmetrically designed, allowing for easy rotation and flipping. This ensures even usage and wear, helping to maintain the cushion's shape and comfort for longer.

  2. Upholstery Covers

The upholstery covers are designed to fit on all sides of our seat cushions. This unique feature allows for 360-degree rotation and supports even use, contributing to an extended lifespan for your cushions.

  3. Modular Design

The modular design of King Living furniture allows for easy cushion swapping and rotation, promoting even wear and prolonging the cushion's life.

  4. Replaceable Covers

We understand that cushions can change over time. That's why our tailored cushion covers are designed to be easily adjusted and replaced as needed, helping your furniture maintain its fresh and appealing look.

  5. Dome-shaped Seat Cushions

The unique dome shape of our seat cushions helps reduce stress on the cover, allowing it to relax during use. This design enhances comfort and extends the cushion's longevity.

One unique feature of our seat cushions is their meticulous construction: multiple layers of foam encompass a core of KingCell pocket springs. The dome shape of the seat cushions helps reduce stress on the cover, allowing it to relax during use, which enhances both your comfort and the cushion's longevity.

By understanding these features and care techniques, you can ensure your King Living furniture stays comfortable and appealing for years to come.


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