Jasper Sofa Curve: Innovation Meets Comfort

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The Jasper Sofa Curve is the latest addition to King Living's collection, maintaining its tradition of excellence. This innovative series infuses comfort and grandeur, known characteristics of King Living, with a unique curve module. The Jasper Sofa Curve offers a fresh interpretation of the original design, striking a perfect balance between style and functionality, while providing unparalleled comfort.

Luxury Seating with the Jasper Sofa Curve Package 1

Experience the pinnacle of elegance and comfort with the Jasper Sofa Curve Package 1 from King Living. This package includes a 3-seater, chaise, curve module, and a timber shelf, creating a generous seating arrangement for 5-6 people, perfect for everything from close-knit family gatherings to larger social events.

Design and Flexibility

This sofa set stands out for its patented component system, enabling it to smoothly transform from a spacious seating area into a comfortable guest bed, effortlessly adapting to your varied lifestyle needs.

Adding to its flexibility, the chaise can be relocated to either side of the sofa. This feature allows the Jasper Sofa Curve to integrate seamlessly with your room's layout and interior design.

Comfort and Aesthetics

The Jasper Sofa Curve is a visual treat from every perspective. Its curved corner module, complete with a perfectly rounded backrest, injects a touch of sophistication into the overall design. Moreover, seat cushions come in a choice of feather, memory foam, or premium firm, allowing you to tailor the comfort level to your preference.

Innovative Timber Shelving with Light-Charge Technology

Complementing the sofa is the optional timber shelving, available in three premium finishes. This can be enhanced with the cutting-edge Light-Charge technology, offering touch-operated LED lighting for a delicate ambiance and the convenience of a smartphone charging option. This is an impeccable blend of design aesthetics and practical functionality.

Personalisation and Premium Materials

The sofa's covers are individually tailored, easily removable for cleaning or replacement, adding to the element of personalisation. Opt for a look that suits your style from a range of premium fabric or European leather offerings.

Durability and Support

The Jasper Sofa Curve is built on King Living's esteemed steel frame and features the Postureflex® Seating System. This combination ensures superior support and enduring comfort. Further enhancing your comfort are back cushions filled with luxurious Ultradown® and fitted with a removable bolster. Experience the blend of style, comfort, and resilience that the Jasper Sofa Curve has to offer.


The Jasper Sofa Curve by King Living assures your investment with a 25-year steel frame warranty, a testament to the company's dedication to creating durable and stylish furniture. Embodying King Living's award-winning Australian design, the Jasper Sofa Curve showcases innovation, luxury, and superior craftsmanship, offering an exceptional blend of style, comfort, and functionality.

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