What is not covered by King Living Warranty?

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The King Living Warranty does not cover:

  • Specific exclusions mentioned for a particular product or component in the provided table here 
  • Products delivered or transported outside Canada by King, a third party, or the original purchaser;
  • Products transported outside Canada by the original purchaser during usage;
  • Products or components not purchased directly from King Living, with tags removed/altered/defaced, or modified/changed without King's approval;
  • Fabrics supplied by the customer or external suppliers (Note: these may have their own warranties);
  • Normal wear and tear, including fading, creasing, softening, and forming to the user's shape over time. Replacement due to wear and tear is at the customer's expense. Natural characteristics of leather are not considered defects;
  • Color variations due to environmental exposure, affecting fabrics, leathers, timber veneer, and solid timber;
  • Damage caused by using non-genuine manufacturer parts and consumables. King Living will only offer repair/replacement services with manufacturer approval, otherwise no warranty is provided for such items;
  • Costs associated with invalid warranty claims, such as freight, call-out fees, and labor. For valid claims, King Living covers only pre-approved costs in writing, and any unapproved costs are excluded from the Warranty and charged at standard King Living rates;
  • Products or components damaged due to misuse, improper care/maintenance, commercial use, or handling during transit. Follow provided care instructions and do not attempt self-repairs, as this may cause damage not covered by the Warranty.

This Warranty is exclusively applicable to the initial buyer of the products, provided that the products are shipped to an address in Canada and remain in Canada for the duration of the product's life. The benefits granted by this Warranty cannot be assigned or transferred to others. All future buyers obtain the products on an 'as is' basis, without the protection of the Warranty.

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