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Our warranty periods are designed to give you peace of mind and ensure satisfaction with your King Living products. Here's a breakdown of the warranty coverage for each category, from indoor to outdoor products and accessories.

Indoor Product Warranties

Steel or Alloy Frames: 25 years

Sofa Accessories: 2 years

Electrical Accessories: 1 year (12 months)

Other Indoor Components: 15 years (Pro Rata Schedule applies)

Leather and Fabric Components: 5 years (Pro Rata Schedule applies)

Outdoor Product Warranties

Steel or Alloy Frames (including against structural defects): 5 years

Coating and Surface: 5 years

Outdoor Components (including King Fabrics and more): 2 years

Outdoor Accessories and WeatherGuard Covers: 2 years

King Rope: 5 years

Solution-Dyed and Specialty Fabrics (Outdoor Collection): 5 years

Standard Shade Cloth and Solution-Dyed Polyester Fabric: 1 year

Electronics and Motion Components

All King Living Branded Products: 2 years

With 3-Year Extended Warranty Purchase: 5 years total

Other Products

Sleep+ Products (excluding Fit Cover): 15 years (Pro Rata Schedule applies)

Fit Cover: 2 years

Case Goods & Furnishing Products: 2 years

King Lighting Products: 1 year

Rugs by King: 1 year

Umbrella Canopy Fabric (Whitehaven + Hyams): 5 years

Umbrella Frame (Whitehaven + Hyams): 2 years

Pool Float (fabric cover, inner core, electric pump): 1 year

Specific Exclusions 

General Exclusions: Products used for commercial purposes have specific warranty conditions.

Steel Frames: Excludes corrosion from harsh seafront or chlorinated environments.

Coating and Surface: Excludes minor corrosion spots, corrosion from scratches, and tea staining on stainless steel.

Outdoor Components: Exclusions similar to steel frames and coating.

Electronics and Motion Components: The extended warranty is only valid if purchased at the time of the product purchase.

Making a Warranty Claim

To make a warranty claim, refer to the warranty period from the date of delivery and understand any specific exclusions that may apply. House calls and transport costs for repairs or replacements are charged at standard King Living rates.

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