Why are my recliner modules not in alignment?

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Your recliner modules may not be in alignment because the legs may not be fully inserted into the King Cloud V Joiner.

Follow these steps to resolve:

1. Open footrest of each recliner.

2. Check the legs of the sofa are fully inserted into the King Cloud V Joiner.

3. Firmly push the module seat downwards if any legs are not fully inserted into the joiner.

4. If the recliner module is still sitting higher or lower than another module contact our Customer Support Team on 1300 135 464.


Adjusting the Recliner Module feet

Adjustable feet on the recliner modules may be set to different heights. When one recliner module sits higher or lower than another recliner module, the recliner feet will need to be adjusted to the correct height. 

Follow steps below to even the heights

  1. Turn off each recliner module at power socket.
  2. Tilt each recliner module carefully until they are laying on their backs.
  3. Adjust leg heights by rotating in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.
  4. Ensure the legs on all recliner modules are adjusted to the same height
  5. Lower each recliner module onto its legs.
  6. Turn on each recliner module at power socket and ensure the recliner modules are still connected to power.

Why aren’t the seams on my recliner modules sitting straight?

For an enhanced comfort experience the King Cloud V uses a soft multi-layered cushioning system.

The soft nature of these layers means that the seams on one recliner module may not perfectly align with the seams on another recliner module. If there is a significant misalignment between recliner modules, there is a possibility they are not sitting at the same height. 







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