What services do King Care® offer?

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The King Care® team provides a variety of services including recovering, refurbishing and professional cleaning to help keep your King furniture looking its best, year after year.

1. Recovering and Refurbishing 

KingCare offers In-home recovering service for new covers, in a choice of fabric or leather, delivered and refitted in the home. Replacing the removable covers on selected King sofas, chairs and beds offer a cost-effective alternative to reupholstering.

  1. For recover quotes or replacement inserts, please complete form here
  2. To view or to place an order for fabric and leather samples, please click here 
  3. Visit our King Living Showroom here 

2. Professional Cleaning 

King Care® has partnered with Premium Surface Protection to provide professional in-home cleaning of all King soft furnishings, including leather furniture and rugs.

Premium Surface Protection

- targets each treatment based on composition fibre and level and type of soiling 

- uses industry accredited products

- is environmentally safe, non-allergenic and non-toxic

- offers specialised stain removal for stubborn stains 

For information about our Professional Cleaning Services please Call (604) 321 7440 or email info@aerocarpetservices.com

3. King Care in-home Services

The King Care team offer support and advice to help you maintain and refresh your furniture. Most services can be performed in your home, minimising inconvenience and downtime. 

To request a quote for a recover please click here 

For read about our recovering services please click here 





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