Recover and Refurbishment FAQs

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1. Can I recover my outdoor sofa with indoor sofa fabric?
This service is not offered due to the type of patterns required for indoor and outdoor fabrics.

2. Can I recover furniture I have purchased from other brands?
We do not offer this service. We only recover King Living products.

3. Can I purchase fabric from King Living?
We do not sell fabrics separately. 

4. Can I recover my furniture in a fabric King Living doesn’t stock?
Yes. However, it must be chosen from our Out of House Fabric range which has been pre-approved and tested for use on KING furniture.  

5. Can I recover my leather sofa in fabric?
Yes. You can recover your sofa in any fabric or leather in our range. 

Click here to view a wide selection of fabric and leather options exclusive to King. 

6. Do I have to recover my whole sofa?
No. You can recover anything from one cushion to an entire sofa.

7. Can I install my own covers?
You do have the option to self-fit your own covers. Your fabric and leather covers are attached with Velcro and are easily removed. We do not recommend you do this for some models e.g. King Cloud or Strata. If you are interested in self-installation, our team will advise if this is right for your model.

8. Can all designs be refurbished in my home?
Almost all our furniture can be recovered in your home, but there are select models that need to be brought to our NSW Factory. Upon quotation we will advise if this is necessary.

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