Handy tips to remove stains from your fabric sofa

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Using a King-Care® Fabric cleaning kit is the best way to quickly treat stains and spills. Sometimes, accidents will happen that's why it's important to treat them immediately so they don't become permanent. The quicker you attend to spills and stains, the easier they can be to remove. 

Handy tips to help remove stains and spills 


  • Only use fabric cleaners designed for your particular fabric

  • Use a King-Care® Fabric kits 

  • Soft microfibre clean cloth 


  • Use detergents, alcohol, chemicals, soaps, bleach, wax, window cleaner, silicone, saddle soap or any cleaning product not designed specifically for your type of fabric

  • Do not clean more often than is recommended

  • Avoid vigorous rubbing and never soak the fabric

KingGuard+® is highly recommended to protect your fabric against common spills, while improving the longevity of your fabric. It's applied and sealed onto the fabric after the manufacturing process and delivers continuous protection that lasts between 12 - 18 months. If you are unsure whether KingGuard+® has been applied to your fabric, please contact your nearest King Living Showroom here

If you have any questions or would like KingGuard+® re-applied to your fabric, please contact King-Care® on 1300 546 422 

King-Care® Fabric kits can be purchased at our King Showrooms or online here

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