How do I protect the fabric on my sofa?

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Every design in the King Fabrics collection has been rigorously tested for seam strength, abrasion resistance, colourfastness to light, cleaning and general wear and tear.

Handy tips to protect and maintain your chosen fabric:

1. Clean fresh stains immediately 

In many cases, spills, stains and marks that are not cleaned immediately can become permanent. Protect your fabric after delivery and it will make your job much easier if accidental spills occur. 

2. Use a super-absorbent cloth to soak up spills

The best way to handle these accidents is to leave the cloth in place until most or all of the liquid has been absorbed. Then allow the fabric to air-dry. Dabbing or rubbing will make the liquid penetrate further into the fibres.

3. Use only fabric cleaners designed for your fabric

King-Care® cleaning products will clean, protect and maximise the life of your fabric. Depending on how frequently you use your furniture, apply King-Care® Fabric Cleaner and Protection every 6 to 8 weeks. King-Care® Fabric kits are available in King Living Showrooms or online. Contact King-Care® for more information. Click here for contact details.

Be careful not to clean more often than recommended, avoid vigorous rubbing and never soak the fabric. Do not use detergents, soaps or any cleaning product not designed specifically for your fabric.

4. Apply KingGuard®+ fabric protection

KingGuard®+ fabric protection is recommended for sofas and will extend the life of your furniture.

If your fabric furniture is protected with a stain repellent, we still recommend regular vacuuming and maintenance. If you require protection for your fabric, KingGuard®+ Fabric Protection can be applied at any time in your home. Professional cleaning on site every 12 - 18 months is highly recommended. 

Read article 'How do I care for my King Living fabric? for more information about fabric care. 



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