How do I care for my King Living fabric?

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Keep your sofa looking its best with regular fabric maintenance

King Living recommends the following care tips to ensure your fabrics look and feel good for a long time.

1. Clean your fabric regularly

A weekly vacuum with low suction and a soft brush accessory will remove dust and damaging dirt particles, to help extend the life of your fabric and furniture.

2. Fabric will fade over time

To ensure your King Living fabric keeps its luxurious look for longer, position it away from direct and indirect sunlight. The sun’s rays can not only cause fading but can also weaken fibres, which can lead to holes over time.

3. Pilling can occur from normal daily use

A regular vacuum will help to minimise this, however pilling can be successfully removed using a Fabric Pill Remover and does not affect the ongoing performance of the fabric.

4. Avoid placing furniture near heaters

The quality of any fabric can be significantly impacted by a heater that produces sulphur compounds. When combined with humidity and oxygen, furnishing fabric can absorb these fumes, which can contribute to odour, discolouration and deterioration of the fibres.

5. Steam cleaning and spot cleaning

If steam cleaning and spot cleaning are not performed correctly they can leave watermarks and cause cellulosic browning.

6. Keep pets off your furniture

Minimise your pet’s contact with furniture as the natural oils and dirt from fur and paws can cause discolouration.

General awareness 

• Always be mindful that sharp or abrasive objects such as shoes, belt buckles and zippers can pull fibres, which may develop into holes.

• Dye transfer from clothes is also possible and ink stains from pens must be attended to quickly to avoid becoming permanent. An ink-away product may assist to remove the mark.

• Avoid sitting on furniture with wet swimming costumes or towels as this can leave a watermark on fabric, and can contribute to bleaching, mould growth and dye transfer.

• Do not attempt to use alcohol, chemicals or detergents as these may cause greater damage and discolouration. 

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