How do I care for timber veneer?

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Caring for timber is just as important as caring for fabrics and leathers. As a natural product, timber veneer can feature variations in the grain, which add to the style and personality of this material. No two trees are exactly the same, hence the uniqueness and distinctive appearance.

Timber care 

King Living also recommends placing your timber veneer furniture away from excess heat and/or humidity, which may cause the veneer to crack or warp as it expands and contracts due to temperature variations.

Keep your timber veneer furniture in pristine condition by avoiding exposure to direct sunlight or ultra violet light, which may cause discolouration or deterioration of the surface.

Also place protective padding between the timber veneer and any object placed on it. This should be thicker for heavy, hot or abrasive objects that may severely damage the wooden surface.

Minimise scratching 

To minimise scratching the timber veneer, avoid dragging objects across the surface. We also recommend not writing directly on top of timber veneer surfaces as pen or pencil marks may show.

Accidental spills 

Clean any spills immediately, do not allow nail polish remover, hair spray, perfume or strong corrosive solvents to come in contact with the timber veneer, and do not use any chemicals, detergents or any product containing silicon to clean timber veneer.

Gentle dusting with a clean soft microfibre cloth will help maintain the condition of your timber veneer. Please click here to purchase microfibre cleaning cloth.

To view more information about how to care for your King Living products please visit our 'Product Care Advice' page here 

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