Are my fabric covers removable and replaceable?

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Yes, depending on the design, your King Living fabric covers are individually tailored and can be removed, cleaned or replaced. This feature is particularly useful for maintaining the appearance and hygiene of your furniture, as well as adapting the look of your living space over time.

Why removable fabric covers?

  1. Fabric covers can be easily unzipped or detached for cleaning or replacement.
  2. Removable covers allow you to change the appearance of your sofa whenever you wish to create a whole new look. King Living prides itself on using only the most premium fabrics and luxurious leathers that are made to last.
  3. Easily wash the covers as needed or change them to a different fabric or colour to refresh the look of your furniture.
  4. Cushion covers can be cleaned separately. This is helpful for spot cleaning or washing immediately after spills, stains or regular use.

Unlike ordinary sofas, King Living never uses glue or staples to attach fabric or leather to the frame. We use Velcro® fasteners, discreetly hidden beneath the base of the furniture, making it simple to professionally remove and replace the cover.

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Professional Cleaning

King Care® has partnered with Premium Surface Protection to provide professional in-home cleaning of all King Living soft furnishings, including leather furniture and rugs. Specialised stain removal is available, and all cleaning products are industry accredited, environmentally safe, non-allergenic, and non-toxic.

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