Ensuring a Smooth Delivery with King Living's Access Check Service

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At King Living, we strive to provide a seamless delivery experience for our customers. To ensure a smooth and hassle-free process, we recommend discussing any potential access issues at your property with your Showroom Consultant before placing your order. If required, we offer an access check service to guarantee that your furniture can be easily and promptly be delivered to your home.

Preparing for a Successful Delivery

For a small fee, our team can arrange an access check prior to placing your order. This service helps identify any potential obstacles that may impact the delivery process, allowing us to address them in advance. Keep in mind that difficult deliveries may incur higher delivery charges.

Here's what you can expect during the access check process:

  1. Your Showroom Consultant will ask you a series of questions to identify any potential access challenges, such as:
        • Do you live in an apartment building, terrace, or house?
        • Is there a lift or stairs?
        • Do you have tight doorways or height restrictions?
        • Is there a loading dock?
        • Do you need to arrange access to the loading dock before delivery?
        • Is there parking available?
  1. If an access check is necessary, your Showroom Consultant will submit a request to our Despatch Team.

  2. Once the request is received, the Despatch Team will contact you to schedule a suitable time and date for the access check.

  3. If no potential issues are identified during the access check, you can proceed with placing your order.

  4. In case any access concerns arise, your Showroom Consultant will work with you to recommend more suitable furniture options or delivery alternatives.

King Living is committed to ensuring a smooth and efficient delivery experience for our customers. By discussing potential access issues with your Showroom Consultant and opting for an access check if required, you can enjoy a stress-free delivery.

For any delivery enquiries please contact our Delivery team on 236 521 6666 or email granville@kingliving.ca





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