Managing Order Delays with King Living: Understanding Your Options

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At King Living, we understand that life can be unpredictable, and sometimes you may need to delay your furniture delivery. In this article, we will explain the options and policies related to delaying your order and how King Living can accommodate your needs.

Delaying Your King Living Order:

  1. Free Storage for Two Weeks: King Living can accommodate a delay in your delivery for up to two weeks without any storage fees.

  2. Storage Fees Beyond Two Weeks: If you are unable to accept delivery by the estimated delivery date, King Living will charge storage fees for each consecutive week, up to a maximum of four weeks.

  3. Contract Cancellation: If you still haven't accepted delivery by four weeks after the estimated delivery date, King Living may, at its discretion, rescind the contract for sale and treat your failure to accept delivery as a cancellation of the original order.

  4. Alternative Delivery Options: King Living can deliver your order to an agreed-upon metropolitan address. If you have opted for Deluxe Delivery, we can assemble your furniture at a later date, up to six months from the delivery date.

King Living strives to accommodate our customers' needs, even when unexpected changes arise. By understanding our order delay policies and options, we can work with you to plan accordingly and ensure a smooth delivery experience for your new furniture.

Requesting a Delay:

If you need to delay your delivery date, please contact us: 

Delivery Enquires

Phone: 236 521 6666

Further Information:

For more information about our delivery policies and any related fees, please refer to King Living's Terms and Conditions of Sale here 


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